Friends And Acquaintances Immortalise DJ K3v

DJ K3v. Photo: Mixcloud

Every now and then we are reminded that life is fleeting and while we are here, we must do our best to enjoy it for what it is.

This week, friends and aquitances of Kevin, most commonly known as DJ K3v had to come to terms with the fact that they will not be seeing their friend again.

They won’t hear him laugh, tell a joke, or play one of his amazing house party mixes.

When the news of his passing trended on the timeline, people who loved him both near and far took to Twitter to eulogise him for the amazing human being he was.

Many shared how kind he was, how supportive he was and how empathetic he was.

Unforgetable DJ K3v moment.

Rest King.

Class act.

He was amazing.

Vim booster.


Rest, you have done a lot.

DJ K3v was for the culture.

DJ K3v did a lot for music.

Always did.

Rest well, King DJ K3v.


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