5 Of The Lowest Lows That You’re Going To Experience In University

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The years that you spend in the university are a time in your life where you’re going to experience a lot of new things, and not all of those things are good. In fact, the university has some low points that are frankly, not fun to go through. These are 5 of the things that happen in university that will take you to new emotional lows.

When An Exam Paper Rocks You

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Sure, you’ll have bad papers in SHS and JHS, but in both of those cases, most of your bad papers don’t matter too much if you can just pass the BECE or the WASSCE. When you’re in university though, your parents start giving you that first class pressure right from Level 100 and every single bad paper affects your chances of getting that first class so bad papers hurt more.

When You Get Your Heart Broken

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Your parents will keep telling you that they’re sending you to school to go and learn, but no, it is ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ that you want to go do. Whose fault is it if they break your heart? This is one of the worst things that will happen to you in university because it usually doesn’t just end at heartbreak. After getting your heartbroken, you’re going to have to deal with your friends making fun of you, and possibly taking videos if you make the mistake of crying.

The First Time That You’re Scammed

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Imagine being scammed out of the new laptop that your parents bought you to take to school? It’s funny that things like this happen all the time. If you’re on campus, watch out for the scams. They will break your heart.

When You Have A Group Assignment And No One Shows Up For Meetings

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Group assignments are the worst thing about university, and you can quote us on that. An entire group of 8 people will be assigned work but only two or three people will show up to meetings after the first day. Those people will do all the work, and all the other group members who only show their faces once in a while will also get the credit.

When You’re Broke

Young man sitting at home. Sad guy sitting on the couch , copy space. Photo: Pexels

Being broke is one of the worst experiences you can go through in the university. You are literally going to starve if you can’t even afford to buy food. If you’re lucky, your friends might hold you down or you might be able to squeeze some coins out of your parents.

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