5 Hilarious Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Had To Resit A Paper


If you’ve never failed a paper in the university, it can be scary the first time that you do. Before you’re actually in that position, all the stories about other people’s resits just seem like cautionary tales to avoid. However, if you end up failing a paper, you’ll realize that a lot of other people resit papers as well. In fact, resit is so many people go through it that you’re going to relate to these 5 things if you’ve ever had to rewrite a paper.

When You First Find Out That You Have To Resit A Paper


For a lot of people, the first time that they find out that they have to resit a paper it spoils their entire mood for days. The feeling doesn’t go away completely but it definitely gets better after the first couple of times that you have to resit a paper.

When You Try To Convinve Your Lecturer To Change Your Grade

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Getting an F on a paper can be a lot to accept for most people. When they find out, they go into denial and then go and see their lecturers out of desperation. We’ll save you some trouble if you’re thinking of bargaining with a lecturer. It generally doesn’t end with you getting what you want.

When You Don’t Want To Tell Your Parents So You Decide To Pay For The Resit Yourself


The only thing that is worse than getting an F on a paper has to be telling your parents that you got an F on a paper. For some people, it’s so scary that they make sure that their transcripts never make it back home. They pay for their resits themselves and make sure that no one ever finds out that they had to rewrite a paper.

When The Junior Who Is Supposed To Help You Study For The Course Starts Ghosting You


This life erh? One minute you’re on top of the world and then the next, the junior who is supposed to help you study for your resit and finally pass that paper start flexing. They’ll ghost you for long periods at a time, and then when they finally do reply, they talk to you like you’re their mate.

When The Resit Day Comes And You’re Afraid People Will Recognize You

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The actual day of your resit paper is actually the worst thing about writing a resit. If there are juniors that you know, they’ll just be looking at your face when you enter the exam hall. As if they don’t have papers in front of them.

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