Make A Free Logo For Your Online Business In 4 Easy Steps. Seriously. 4 Steps

Jaush The Foodie

The reason that Graphic Designers are some of the most successful freelancers around is because of just how much of a difference graphic content makes online. For a business that’s digital, having a distinct visual identity online makes it that much easier for people to trust your brand anytime it comes across their timeline. And of course, a visual identity starts with a logo. If you want to get a custom logo for your brand, the best way to go is to hire a designer to make you one. However, that’s also the more expensive way to go.

You can choose, simply, to make your own logo. I know how that sounds but I guarantee it’s easier than you expect, and the results are better than decent. You’re going to make your logo using Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker in your browser. Here’s the link (Adobe Spark) and here is a literal four-step guide to making your logo.

Step One: Describe Your Business

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Step Two: Choose A Style

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Step Three: Choose An Icon

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Step 4: Choose A Logo

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That’s it. You’ve just created a logo for your online business. You also have the option of editing your logo’s colours and font. Now, just download your logo and you’re ready to reannounce yourself on social media!



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