5 Reasons Why We All Fell In Love With Anime

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The reason that you’ll go online and see Ghanaians such as yourself with anime profile names and anime avatars is because of the great anime revolution. Of course, revolution is an exaggeration but you get the point, there are a lot of people watching anime now all around the world. If you’re someone who watches anime, you’ll recognize these as the reasons why you fell in love with the medium, and if you’re not, we just might convince you yet.

There Is So Much Diversity In Anime Content

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When it comes to picking exactly what anime to watch, there is literally something for everyone. One of the best things about anime is that even the most ridiculous premise will end up making for a story that you can connect with and even invest in emotionally. You can find incredible and original stories no matter what your genre of choice is.

Incredible Action Sequences

One advantage that anime has over a lot of other visual mediums is the action sequences. Anime action sequences are so well choreographed and emotionally packed that they’re easily addicted. Last year, the anime Demon Slayer broke the internet (we’re talking Game of Thrones level trends) with several of it’s episodes just because of how good the animation is.

Anime Has A Lot Of Strong Female Characters

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These days it’s not too difficult to find strong female leads in various shows and movies, but I would argue that no medium has as many strong female leads as anime. Strong female leads in anime are usually so well done because they aren’t strong ‘for a woman.’ They’re just as strong or even stronger than male characters on their shows. Akame ga Kill has some of the strongest female leads you’ll ever see on a show, both character and ability-wise.

Thought Provoking Themes

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A lot of people usually don’t think of anime as mature because of the medium, but anime easily explores themes that you normally can’t have conversations around easily. Themes like the meaning of morality and class-differences in society are explored in ways that will challenge your own ideas

Near Unlimited Binging

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A lot of the anime series that are critically acclaimed and widely popular have actually had very long runs. One Piece, for instance, regarded as one of the best of all time is almost at a 1000 episodes. Another popular series, Naruto, has over 700 episodes. That aside, if you’re just getting into anime, there are so many good series to watch that you’re going to have your hands full for a very long time.

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