3 Things You Need To Know About YouTube Video Titles And Your Video Views

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If you’re new to YouTube one of the things you’re going to struggle with early on is getting views for your videos. There are a lot of reasons why your video might not get views including the fact that people aren’t really interested in the content that you’re making. Another reason your videos may not be getting views even if it does check all the other boxes is that you’re doing something wrong with your video titles. Here are 5 things that you should have in mind when you’re giving your new YouTube video a title.

YouTube Is A Search Engine


The first thing that you need to understand about YouTube is that it’s a search engine. If you have a sizeable social media following you can drive up views on your videos by sharing on your social media pages and getting the people who follow you to click on your videos. However, most YouTube videos are found through YouTube’s search. People go on YouTube when they’re looking for something specific and the videos that they’re shown after they’ve entered their searches are the ones that match what they’re looking for (obviously).

Your Video Will Get Drowned Out By Identical Content With More Views

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That means that if you upload a video titled “Prank on my boyfriend,” there’s a very little chance that people are going to find your video when they’re looking for boyfriend prank videos. Your video will get drowned out because there is are a lot of prank videos on YouTube with titles identical or nearly identical to that one.

There Are Different Things That You Can Use To Make Your Video Stand Out

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If you want your video to stand out even though you’re making content that other people have made, you have to make your video title unique. An easy trick for most videos is simply to add “in Ghana” or “my Ghanaian.” Adding a location (in this case Ghana) means that you’re more likely to be found when people are searching for Ghanaian videos, and the more your video is viewed the more likely it is to come up when people search for that content, even if they’re not looking for results from Ghana. Whenever you’re going to upload a video, you can search YouTube for that title and what results pop up. Then you can find the thing that makes your title unique.

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