University Graduate Talks About Important Lessons That They Learnt Through Being An Intern

Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels

On paper, there are a lot of benefits to doing an internship when you’re in school. However, in the real world, things aren’t as simple as they are on paper. We talk to Asieduaa, who shares the important lessons that she learned from taking an internship during her Level 200 long vacation in university. Although she’s currently employed in a full-time job, she believes these lessons were invaluable on her journey.

You Have To Watch Who You Make Friends With

During your internship, you’re going to have people that you work with who are also interns. Your parents will always tell you not to compare yourself to other people, but it’s hard to listen when it’s your parents who are saying it. During my internship, I tried to fit in with the other interns but my dad’s friend (who helped me get the internship, by the way) sat me down and advised me to take the work seriously. I was offended back then, but now I’m grateful that he gave me that advice.

Chop The Money Oo

I made a mistake when I was doing my internship and I still regret it now sef. I got paid and I went to show it off to my parents, and do you know what happened? They stopped giving me money for transport to work and for lunch. If I tell you I wished I had chopped the money erh!

You Have To Be Careful Who You’re Familiar With

This one is for other women who are going to experience work for the first time. Yes, you have to respect the office staff where you are, but you don’t have to be too familiar. I used to make jokes with one of my supervisors and then he started making sexual jokes and asking me very personal questions. It’s good to be friendly, but you have to remember that you went to work so don’t be too familiar.

Internships Can Really Help In Later Life

Let me tell you the story of how I got my current job. During my internship, I was close with one of the other interns and we kept following up with each other after the internship. He’ll comment on my status and we’ll talk, or I’ll send him a message if it’s been long. Recently, after I quit my first job I told him and luckily someone had just left his place too. He told me to apply and helped me prepare, and guess what? We work together now.



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