The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Influencer

The hottest thing you can be right now is to become an influencer. Imagine staying in the comfort of your home and earning money, getting free clothes, free food and being invited to new places just because you have a lot of followers. We are not saying it is an easy job, but the PERKS!!!. If you are looking to branch into this business, here are 5 ways to become an influencer on instagram or twitter.

1. Get a huge following.

If you want huge following on social media, there are two things involved. You can buy an account from someone who already has a huge following or You can grow your own account by posting memes and reposting from gossip blogs. Ghanaians like scandal, so give them what they want, get the following you need and go back to posting your own content.

2. Buy an iPhone.

If you have met an influencer who doesn’t use at least one Apple product, then that influencer is a fake. How many times have you visited the same place an influencer went to, with the same phone, but your pictures never come out the same. The sky doesn’t look so blue in your pictures. The secret is all in the edit features. It’s the same iPhone, but somehow influencers seem to have unlocked new features.

3. Take Location pictures.

Now that you know that you need an iPhone and a YouTube tutorial to identify hidden pictures edits on iPhone, the next step is to find locations with nice aesthetics. You must visit restaurants and chilling spots that may or may not have good food and vibes. You are not there for the food or the good vibes, you are there to take your pictures and leave. You can take it a step further and remove the geo-tag of the place. A lot of people will text you for the name of the place. That’s all influencing is about.

4. Tag brands under your pictures.

The objective is to fake it till you make it. If you want to get to the level where brands will be calling you themselves for deals, then it starts now. Once you buy something, as soon as you begin to use it or wear it, tag the brand that you bought it from. Even celebrities do this, how much more yo

5. Do a lot of question tags.

The plan is to force people to engage on your account. So you can ask outrageous questions just to get some traffic on your site. Questions like, if your mother and your wife are drowning, who would you save first? People may get angry, but who cares about their anger if you are getting the numbers?



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