Nigerians React After Report Confirms End SARS Lekki Toll Gate Shooting Was A Massacre

Davido SARS
Davido at a protest in Abuja on #EndSARS//Image via Twitter @Davido

Last year October, young Nigerians were shot at by their own security forces when they dared to stage a protest to call for the end of a corrupted security force.

The End SARS protest last year was a defining moment for young Nigerians who were basically asking for their government to do its job and protect them from what they term a rogue security agency that has deviated from its mandate.

SARS was set up as a special force to fight armed robbery in the country, instead, it became a rogue state element that terrorised young Nigerians, extorted them and even sometimes murdered them.

The End SARS protest at the Lekki Toll Gate turned bloody when the police and the Nigerian military moved in on the protestors, firing live ammunition at the unarmed protestors.

DJ Switch, one of the outspoken End SARS protestors, had an Instagram Live broadcast of the shooting, yet the Nigerian military denied shooting at protesters.

One year on, a panel put together by the Lagos State government to investigate the toll gate incident said in its report that the young protestors were shot at during the October 20 incident.

The report identified 48 casualties from the incident.

No need for defense in need.

Amen to that.

They do indeed.

Mention their names.

Never forget.

They did the most to cover it up.

They were more than 48 people.

Take note of the definition.

Can’t hide the truth.

But that won’t happen here.

More love and power and light to all the End SARS protestors.


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