How Not To Slide Into Her DMs: 5 Things You Can Do Wrong

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Whenever you see the social media DM success stories; people who met in the DMs that have gone on to have successful relationships you inevitably think that could be you too. However, before you can get to the happily ever after you have to get a text back. Here are 5 things that you may be doing wrong when you DM people online.

Do Not DM Them Without Building A Rapport First

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Being too direct. When you see someone that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t just send a heartfelt message into their DMs immediately. That’s equivalent to asking someone to marry you on the first date. Instead, start showing up in their likes and mentions and try to engage with them on the timeline. Once you’ve established a rapport, you can send that DM and they’re more likely to reply.

Do Not Send A Dick Pic

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According to the internet, the success rate for entering someone’s DMs with a dick pic is 0%. If you ever feel the urge to send someone a dick pic as a way of starting a conversation then this is us telling you that it won’t work. We’re not suggesting that it might not work … it won’t work. Don’t send unsolicited dick pics to strangers.

Do Not Call Them Cute Pet Names Like Boo Or Bae

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When you’ve just started moving to someone, do not call them cute pet names like boo or bae. Most people tend to reserve terms of endearment like those for people that they have personal relationships. That’s not you. You can be friendly or even flirt without calling the other person bae.

Do Not Be Persitent

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The unfortunate truth when it comes to sending DMs on the internet is that a lot of the time, you are not going to get a response back. It’s alright to try again if your first attempt doesn’t work but you should also know when to give up. Do not keep messaging someone who obviously has no interest in talking to you.

Do Not Reply To ALL Their Stories

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Leaving comments under your crush’s stories can work for you if you’re doing it once in a while. If you pay them a genuine compliment you might get a response back. However, just because they’ve texted you back one time doesn’t mean that you leave comments under all of their posts. It’ll quickly get annoying and the truth is there are probably dozens of other guys that are doing that exact same thing.



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