8 New Uses For Silk Scarves That Will Blow Your Mind: Inspired by Fashion Blogger Hamdiya Hamid

Vintage. A look that never goes out of style. Literally. Vintage scarves are not just for the head and modest fashion blogger Hamdiya Hamid, known by her followers as Ms. Dee, effortlessly proves that 10 times.

Until you discover the perfect scarf, your wardrobe is  never complete. Any budding fashionista should have this comfy piece in their closet. Even the most basic outfit can be enhanced by adding vibrance, pattern and texture by wearing one.

Take a look at how your vintage silk scarf could become a fashion piece that makes the most subtle fashion statement:

As a Corset:

A silk scarf corset is a look with or without an innerpiece. Easy to do.

Tie your diagonally folded silk scarf at your back and then drape it over your chest to help it sit perfectly on your body.

As a drape:

Its definitely giving runway vibes. All you need to do is fold your silk scarf in two (diagonally), pin the top end behind your collar and secure the middle of the scarf to your shirt with a classy belt.

As a neckpiece:

Add some colour to your work fit. Secure the collar of your shirt with a silk scarf and secure the bag.

As a collar tie:

Officially one of the best ways to spice up a plain shirt. Fold up your scarf and tie it in a bow underneath your collar.

Caution: It might only be suitable if you will spend most of your afternoon in an airconditioned office.

As a belt:

No belt, no problem. Loop your vintage scarf through your belt holes and style things up.

For the brim of your hat:

Trust us you will need a hat this Holiday season. The sun is already scorching and the clouds are not helping. Don’t just wear any hat. Accessorize with your colorful vintage scarf. It’ll definitely give Michael Jackson vibes.

As a bag charm:

We know bag charms are usually shiny, but what else makes a 5/10 bag move up the fashion scale to a 15/10? You guessed right. Vintage scarves.

This December promises so many fun events. Do not let your vintage scarf waste away in your closet under a pile of clothes. Make a statement and don’t forget to get some fire photos for your Instagram.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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