4 Things You Should Know Before Going To A Restaurant In Accra

Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

If you live in Accra, there’s a lot to complain about. If you can’t think of anything right now, just give it a minute. That being said, Accra is still a beautiful place, and it has a lot of places that provide great dining experiences. However, it’s still Accra and if you want to go and eat out there are still some things that you need to know.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Word Bistro

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If you look in the dictionary, it will have you believing that a bistro is a small restaurant with prices that you can afford on a reasonable budget. That’s only in the dictionary though because when you come to Accra, Bistro means something else completely. Basically, if you no ‘hold’, don’t attempt to go eat at a Bistro in Ghana.

Make Sure You’ve Checked The Menu Before You Pick A Restaurant

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If you’re going to a place for the first time, it’s a good idea to try and find their menu online first to decide if you even want to go there in first place. Sometimes the prices will just help you change your mind. If you’re not sure where to look Zubzz.com is usually a good place to start.

If It’s A Date And You’re Paying Make Sure That You Get There First

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If you’re going on a date to a place that you’ve never been to and you can’t find their menu online then you need to make sure that you get there first to scope out the menu. If you know beforehand what the price ranges for the different meals are then it’s easier to stay within your budget. Even if your date goes overboard and tells you they want something ( and you know you don’t have the money for it because you’ve already checked the menu) then you can just say you’re okay with water. At least, that’s better than any embarrassment that you’re going to face instead.

You’re Either Going For The Pictures Or You’re Going For The Food. You Can’t Have Both

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Restaurants in Ghana serve two things; food, and excellent backgrounds for your pictures. You’re either going for the one or the other because when you go to a restaurant in Accra and it’s a good place to take pictures then the food portions are nearly microscopic. Maybe they do that so that you don’t look big in your pictures??

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