Men Share The Worst Gifts They Have Received From Their Spouses

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Men are suckers for the saying that snitches get stitches, however, when it comes to their relationships, nobody snitches more than men.

Bros will be hanging out with each other and sharing everything going on in their relationship with their pals.

Thanks to the internet, even if you are not in their squad, you can now eavesdrop on what they are saying.

The current topic is what their girlfriends or wives have been gifting them and girls… the men are taking all of you to the cleaners on this one.

They are not pleased with the presents you guys have been giving them on special days.

Responding to a tweet asking guys about the worst gift they have ever received from a woman, a lot of men opened up and spilt the beans.

Ladies… they weren’t pretty. Some of you have been regifting watches and sticking to only socks all the time.

She still found a way to benefit from the gift.

Sis was moving fast.

Lol… sis didn’t read the room.

She couldn’t even be the one calling even on your birthday?

No effort in that.


The jar is cute… no?

lol… this is the least she could do.

Bro is getting an ‘ah ha’ moment.

Ding ding ding! we found a winner.

Dear ladies… please expand the list of gifts you chose from.


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