5 Reasons Why You Should Never Try #FWB With Ghanaian Women

Friends with Benefit, a.k.a #FWB is all fun and games till you come across a Ghanaian women who swears she is down for anything and everything. This is when the real trouble begins. Here are 5 reasons you should never try #FWB with a Ghanaian woman, even if she begs you.

1. You will be wasting your sins on average sex.

Ghanaian women are always talking how they are ever ready to be freaky and down for wild adventures. When it’s time to show working, you will find them wanting with million and one excuses. Imagine sharing the same hell cell with people like Ted Bundy just because you had everyday-sex with someone who lied about being Anastasia Steele. Is it worth it?

2. She will lie about being single.

Ever entered a #FWB situation only to end up with your life being threatened by a boy you didn’t even know existed? Yeah, women will do that to you. In addition to this, she will be expecting boyfriend roles from you, especially the one her actual man has refused to do for her. This is not what you bargained for.

3. Disrespecting the agreement.

Women will be the first to talk about boundaries in this “relationship”, but guess what? They will be the first ones to break the rules and expect you to accept without complain. How did you say “this is not a relationship” but you are texting me at 11pm about “our plans” for Vals day tomorrow? Vals day for what? For who?

4. The Unmerited Jealousy.

Your family witches won’t be the only obstacles you will have to worry about, because once you entangle yourself in a #FWB situation with a Ghanaian women, all other opportunities are locked. You can’t even post another girl on your status without an explanation. Meanwhile, you didn’t even sign up for this. How are you single with relationship problems? Advise yourself King.

5. She will start subbing you when it’s over.

You will be minding your business, yet there is a whole thread about how you lied and mistreated her when it was her idea all along to be in the #FWB situation. How did you go from enjoying your single life to being a trending topic so fast? Imagine enduring all this over some basic sex? Save yourself my kings.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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