4 Situations That Instantly Make Ghanaians Religious

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Being Ghanaian means (usually) being born into a religious home. However, as we grow some of us lose touch with the religious parts of ourselves and some people even stop practising completely. That being said, there are some situations you’ll get yourself in that it feels like only God can get you out of. These are 5 of those situations that can make any Ghanaian instantly religious.

When It’s Exam Season

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No matter how ‘hard’ you think you are, knowing you’re unprepared for a paper as you find your way to the hall will humble you. This is the moment where most Ghanaians start bargaining with God. They’ll even tell lies like ‘I’ll turn my life around if you help me pass this paper, God.’

When They Get An F

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When they find out that they’ve gotten an F in university, most Ghanaians do one of two things. They either make sure their parents never find out or if their parents are involved in their academics, they remember that they actually have a God.

Pregnancy Scares

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Thinking you’re pregnant (or that you’ve gotten someone pregnant) is one of the scariest things that any Ghanaian university student will ever go through. Honestly, we don’t blame you. Praying that it’s somehow not true is a much better option than going to tell your parents that they should start expecting another mouth to feed soon.

When They Try Edibles

Some people try edibles for the first time when they’re in university and for people trying it for the first time it can be a frightening experience. A frightening experience that will immediately take you back to your religious roots.

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