5 On-Screen Villains That We All Despise Religiously

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There have been a lot of incredible villains in our time. These are people who make our jaws drop simply because of how evil they are and the things that they’ve done. Then there are also villains who we still hate, of course, but who have enough charisma to make you think ‘hmm … maybe that guy is making sense’ for a few seconds before they end up being completely thrashed by the hero. These are some of the 90s kids’ favourite villains, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanos (MCU)

Who else would be at the top of this list other than big daddy Thanos? Thanos is arguable the most relevant villain of our time being the culmination of over 20 MCU movies. If you listen to Thanos long enough the thought might cross your mind that he’s actually making sense but his murder sprees which usually involve some of your favourite heroes will quickly fix that. We hate Thanos but without him, there would be no Avengers: Endgame third act, which frankly we all knew was history in the making when we saw it.

Little Finger (Game Of Thrones)

It’s difficult to call anyone a villain in Game of Thrones because when you look at the cast there are only a handful of characters to who that description doesn’t apply. However, when it comes to Lord Petyr Baelish, there’s no thinking twice about calling this very bad dude a villain. Aside from the fact that he will betray literally anybody, he’s also the reason that all Sansa fans from the show still have trauma when you bring up Game of Thrones.

Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)

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Nah, can you imagine being the hero to this guy’s villain? Aside from being (hands-down by the way) the ugliest villain on this list, he’s also the most persistent. It still shocks me that in over 8 movies, Harry never once saw a therapist about Voldemort’s and his evil cult of murderous and definitely insane wizard friends. I mean, Harry, how do you not have dreams about that nose (or lack of)?

Cersei (Game Of Thrones)

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When everyone on your show is a literal villain, it’s easy to have multiple entries on a top villain list, and Cersei Lannister definitely deserves her place here. The wildest introduction to a character ever has got to be Cersei’s introduction in Game of Thrones where she pushes a 10-year old boy out of a tower. The real mind-melt is that that wasn’t even the worst thing she had done by the time she’d had 8 seasons.

Villanelle (Killing Eve)

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Killing Eve remains one of the most underrated shows that has been produced recently. It’s a show that revolves around an MI6 agent named Eve who sets out to catch a dangerous psychopathic serial killer named Villanelle. The scariest thing by far about Villanelle is how easily the show makes you want to believe she’s not as bad as she seems, but yes, she’s bat-shit crazy and easily one of the scariest and most unpredictable women villains on a TV show.

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