4 Things You Have To Do If You Want To Avoid Office Drama

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When you start working, one of the things that you don’t really see coming (because no one warns you about it) is all the drama. Workplaces can be, believe it or not, real drama hotspots. If you want to avoid getting caught up in all of the office drama, here are the 4 tips that are going to make that possible.

Save The Venting For Outside The Office

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When you start working, you’re going to have bad days. There are things that are inevitably going to piss you off, and these things are going to be done by your coworkers, but standing around the office talking about these people is just not it. Take your feelings home to people who actually care because you tell a coworker, they tell someone else and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of some good old office drama.

Don’t Email Angry

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Don’t send emails when you’re angry. It’s that simple. Even using polite language like ‘as mentioned in my previous email,’ or something else that sounds civil (but is actually passive-aggressive) will bring some drama. You’ll start going back and forth with someone over email and then people who aren’t even involved but have been CC’s will have to start chiming in to try and keep everyone cool-headed.

Avoid People Who Bring The Drama

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There are people who are more or less going to be drama magnets in your office. These are the people that come to you with everyone else’s gossip around the office. Yeah, that’s usually a good sign that they might be talking to other people about you as well. Just avoid the drama magnets and you’re going to have a much more peaceful (aka drama free) work life.

Making Moves On A Coworker

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The final taboo to avoid if you really don’t want any drama at work is getting too close and personal with your coworkers. Don’t make moves on your coworkers because … well, there are about a million reasons for this but here are the highlights; you’ll get rejected and things are going to be awkward, you’ll actually go out and things will end badly and people around the office are going to find out, and they’re going to talk.

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