3 Shows You Can Catch On Netflix If You Liked Squid Game

Squid Game (Netflix)

Squid Game is an incredible show for a lot of different reasons, and one of those reasons is that it brought even people who wouldn’t consider themselves K-Drama fans into the fold (because yes, Squid Game is actually a K-Drama). If you like Squid Game, and are interested in other shows that have a similar vibe, we’ve got the exact list for you.

Alice In Borderland

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Alice in Borderland is as close a show to Squid Game as you’re going to get. Although this show is a little more trippy. The ‘Borderland’ is a place where the consciousnesses of different disaster survivors are trapped. In order to get out of the ‘Borderland’ and return to their lives, players have to complete 52 games all the while avoid lasers that will shoot them from the sky if they lose a game.

High-Rise Invasion

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High-Rise invasion is another mind-bending survival show with a random set of rules that you wouldn’t find in real life (so, just like Squid Games). The animated show follows a girl who is suddenly transported to a world of skyscrapers. Imagine waking up to find out that you’re on a skyscraper that’s surrounded by other skyscrapers, and all means of getting down these buildings are blocked. However, all surrounding skyscrapers are surrounded by suspension bridges that connect to others. Throw in a little murder and you have a show that you should definitely binge this weekend.


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3% is not just the name of this show, it’s also the number of candidates that survive the absurd survival games that candidates on the show have to go through. 3% starts with new adults in an impoverished inland where they can surrender to their poor lives or take part in an event called ‘The Process’ and rejoin the ‘Offshore’ society where they’ll live better lives. Of course, there’s a catch. The Squid Game catch. You’re more likely to die during ‘The Process’ than to get the life that you dream of.

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