6 Easy Hacks To Steal A Ghanaian Man

Research has shown that Ghanaian men are the most faithful of African men, however, even the strongest of padlocks can be opened with a single hair pin. This article is dedicated to the women whose soulmates are currently wasting their time with other people’s soulmates. Here are 6 easy hacks to steal your soulmate.

1. Pretend to Go Dutch.

Pretend, because for Ghanaian men, just the idea of a woman wanting to pay for their own meal makes them lose their home training. All you have to do is to constantly talk about how you like paying for dates or splitting the bill, as soon as he sees that, he will start giggling under all your posts.

2. Start to Believe Cheating Is Always The Woman’s Fault.

To capture the interest of your soulmate, you need to constantly question women who have been cheated on. What did they do to cause such a fine man to cheat on them? Did they prepare the food just the way he likes? Did they do all the right skills in bed? Were they giving him peace? Did they question him for once? Why? Once your soulmate cheats on you, you have to ask for forgiveness for not being a good enough woman for him.

3. Like His Tweets.

It is as simple as ABC, because Ghanaian men have no shame. As soon as he notices the pattern he is going to DM with you with his “WYD” questions.

4. Advise his girl to buy him singlet/boxers.

One thing Ghanaian men can’t stand is a broke woman. They are constantly complaining of singlets and boxers they receive as gifts. They cannot be with you if you can’t buy them PS5 for their birthdays. The trick is to advise his current partner to buy these things for him while you post about wanting a man so you can spoil him with nice things like PS5.

5. Be A Roman Sister with Bad Bitch Tendencies.

The art of multi tasking is how you win him over. You can’t be too hot or too Cold, the magic is to stay in the middle and know exactly when he needs the Roman sister and when he needs the Bad bitch.

6. Do Not Register For Momo.

The major point to winning your soulmate over is to hate the institution of E-cash. You have to avoid Mobile money transactions like a plague. Try this and come back to thank us.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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