5 Hacks For Your First Job If You Live In Kasoa Or Kasoa Adjacent

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It’s difficult being someone who lives at Kasoa for various reasons. First of all, if you live at Kasoa, you know that you have to deal with the jokes people are constantly making about Kasoa. As if that wasn’t enough, when you finally do land your first job, it’s that much more stressful because you live at Kasoa. Here are 5 hacks that anyone who lives at Kasoa needs to know for their first job.

Whenever You Think Is A Good Time To Leave, Leave Thirty Minutes Earlier

When you live in Kasoa and you have to go to work, one of two things is going to happen. You’re either going to be very early or you’re going to be very late because of the traffic. During your first job, it’s important that you choose to be early. When you’re early, you don’t just make a good impression, but it also gives you time to get comfortable being in your new office before other people start showing up.

You Can Use The Commute To Make A To-Do List

Trotros are the main mode of transport for many Ghanaians

Another thing about living at Kasoa is that whenever you’re trying to go somewhere it takes longer than it should. You’re either going to be late because of the traffic at the toll booth or because your tro tro stops every single stop in order to pick up more passengers.

Take A Power Nap In The Tro Tro

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Power naps are a great way for you to rest your eyes and your mind a bit before you get to work. The long tro tro ride to the office in the morning is a great time for you to get shut your eyes for some minutes. In the end, you’re still unlikely to miss your stop because the rides from Kasoa are so long that you’ll wake up multiple times over.

You Can Start Listening To A Podcast

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The problem that most people have with listening to podcasts is that they just can’t find the time. Podcasts are long, and you usually can’t focus on much else if you’re paying attention to one. If there’s a podcast that you’ve had your eye on, or you’re looking to get into podcasts, the commute from Kasoa to work is great for getting some quality podcast time in.

We Are Many. Take Advantage

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With transport fares constantly going up, we all want to save some money on transport when we can. Although you can probably list all the reasons why Kasoa isn’t the best place to live, there is one advantage. Wherever you work, there’s a decent chance that there are other people there who live at Kasoa as well.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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