4 Things You Need To Do To Become An Instagram Influencer In University

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When most of us were in High School, the word influencer didn’t even exist but fast forward to 2021 and everyone is friends with or interacts with at least one influencer online. How do you become an influencer though? Especially when you’re a student and have to focus on school as well. Here are 5 things that you can do if you want to become an Instagram influencer.

Start By Finding Your Niche And Content Pillars

Being an influencer doesn’t mean that you’re an expert on everything. In fact, if you’re trying to reach everybody, chances are that you’re not going to reach a lot of people. It’s a far better idea to focus on a niche. Find a subject area that you’re comfortable with and try to become an authority in that category. That means that if you work out, for example, you should focus on creating fitness content. Instead of trying to reach everybody with many different content types, you’re going to reach other people who are also into fitness.

Write Meaningful Captions

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Everyone knows that your caption game should at least be a little good before you can become an influencer. Extremely witty and braggy captions will usually do the work and get you engagement on your posts, but writing honest and meaningful captions will also help your audience understand you and better connect with your content.

Find Out What Your Best Posting Times Are

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If you want to be an influencer, then you definitely need to switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a creator or business account. Creator and business accounts come with some features that personal accounts do not, including analytics that will help you to better understand your audience. You can tell what times of day, and on what specific days your posts perform better. Knowing when your audience is important if you want to get engagement numbers looking good.

Interact With Your Audience And Learn What Kinds Of Things They Want To See From You

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Once you have a decent following, you can interact with your followers in order to find out what kind of content they like seeing from you. You’ll usually be able to tell by the kinds of comments that they leave under your posts, or even by asking them directly through your stories using Instagram’s Q&A features. Another great way to tell what kind of content that your audience is going to like is by going through other influencers pages to see what does well. They should be influencers in your niche and who create a similar type of content as you.

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