The 5 Times Women Talk About Self-Care

There are a lot of times women engage in self-care but the few times they post about it on social media, those are the times you need to tread carefully. Those posts are fueled by things the carnal mind can’t see. Here are the 5 times women talk about self-care.

1. When They Take Themselves Out Alone.

As soon as you see the picture with the caption #Selfcare, #Ipaymyownbills, #Independentwoman, just know that she has taken herself out on a date. It’s either her friends have browned her or she just decided to go out alone but best believe, she is going to preach self-care.

2. After getting Out of a Toxic Relationship.

We all know that ladies become motivational speakers after leaving a toxic relationship. In addition to that, they begin to talk more and more about self-care. Makes you wonder where all that wisdom was hiding right? #BossLady.

3. When their crush posts about their new partner.

This is when they call for a meeting of all alter egos and try to drum it into all heads that they need to move on, because this man is never going to catch the hint. Watch out for posts and quotes that centre on moving on and leaving the past behind.

4. When the “Bad Bitch” Virus is injected.

This can be caused by many things, but Ghanaian men are mostly responsible for all the bad bitches we have in town, because of their deceit. As soon as the virus enters the blood stream, best believe you are going to get a few quotes from #womanevolve.

5. Hanging Out With The Girls.

Anytime you see a group of women hanging out in their “rich auntie” fits, may you never be tempted to speak to them. In that moment, they are fueled by the multiple feminine aura. Their captions on social media will be full of #self care quotes and the importance of making your own money. #IndependentLadies.



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