5 Lies We Are Tired Of Hearing From Influencers

It’s amazing to see advertisements move from being on our tv screens to our phones just by swiping through someone’s Ig story, Facebook or twitter posts. We have moved from the days of macho men eating three earthenware’s full of fufu after one spoonful of blood tonic to more unbelievable lies. Here are 5 lies all influencers tell all the time.

1. “Affordable Prices”.

If it is soo affordable, why aren’t you adding the price to the ad?

You can simply just tell us the price so we don’t have to dm the page. Why won’t you say “affordable” when you are helping them extort 100gh above all in the name of thrift clothes.

2. “It’s not an ad”.

Why are you lying? Even if you said it with your chest that it is an ad, who will catch you? You are securing the bag and lying about it? May that money vanish from your mobile money account.

3. “The Food is delicious.”

You hating on the influencer after tasting the food, while she is buying better food with the money she made from the ad.

If you have ever fallen prey to the over-hyped foods on social media, gather here because this is an intervention. An influencer will shoot an entire video making “moaning” sounds while eating to prove that the food is actually delicious. You will decide to try it and you can hardly swallow one spoon. These types of influencers are the reason Hell exists.

4. “I’ve been using It for some years now.”

My dear, this product was not even manufactured till last 2 months, so how have you alone been using it for years? Are you not afraid of God?Why do you lie like this?

5. “This is what gave me the flat tummy.”

You have known this lady for over 10 years and she has always been slim with a flat tummy. Suddenly, she becomes an influencer and all the credit is to some purgative she claims to have been drinking for months now. Why are you constantly rushing to the washroom then? Is that where the fat is coming out from? There are stories of women who have bought Lipton, branded as flat tummy teas. When will it end please?

Scenes from when you pass by a gym in your area and find that influencer sweating it out.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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