4 Reasons Why You’re More Likely To Be Broke In University As A Guy

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You always hear about how women mature much faster than men, and one of the ways in which that saying is accurate asf is when it comes to money. In fact, when you’re in university guys are that much more likely to be broke at any point in time, and here’s why:

Guys End Up Spending On Girls Even Though Girls Generally Have More Money (yes we said it)


This is the way things have been even before we were born. Men pay. Sometimes even unprovoked. It doesn’t make sense but it does mean that the next broke person you see on campus is more likely to be a guy.

Guys Are Always Buying Food On Campus


There’s just something so demotivating about the thought of washing dishes that are already dirty, doing meal prep and then cooking a full meal. It’s usually always easier for guys on campus to wrap their heads around walking downstairs and just buying some food. That’s how they end up broke and they’re forced to cook anyway.

Going Out With The Squad

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There is usually no saying no to outings when you’re a guy. Especially when your squad wants you there, and so you go … and you come back to your room broke.

Guys Are Always Trying To Get Rich On A Betting App


The passion, that guys for football, is nearly unparalleled. It’s only natural that they’ll bet on the teams they believe in, and then bet so much that it even becomes something that they bond over with other guys. How are you supposed to keep money in your pockets like this?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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