Vanessa Awanyo’s ‘Young World’ Podcast Is Where The Conversations You Want To Listen To Are Happening

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Whether or not you’re a podcast person, there’s no doubt that the ‘Young World’ podcast is going to have some appeal for you. The podcast hosted by Vanessa Awanyo and targeted at millennials and Gen Z, is a weekly full-dive into the success stories of young badasses in their respective entrepreneurship and career fields.

These are accomplished people just a few years older than you speaking in a way that will be easy for you to connect to. The ‘Young World’ podcast lets you get important nuggets and advice straight from the mouths of the impressive young successes hosted on the show.

Vanessa Awanyo. Source:

If you’ve recently started exploring or thinking more frequently about your career development or of going into entrepreneurship, the advice from people who have been through that exact stage is priceless. ‘Young World’ isn’t just a podcast, it’s a community that understands the exact stage of life that you’re in and wants to help; people living their best lives simply want to help you get there too by sharing their own experiences.

Apart from being helpful and informative, ‘Young World’ is also simply fun. The production is light and enjoyable and there’s also a ‘For The Culture’ segment that takes you, the listener, around the world and gives you some tips and insights on different cultures, lifestyles and food.

You can listen to Young World on Apple Music, Spotify or Podcast Addict. You can also find Young World on social media via the following handles:

  • Instagram: @itsyoung_world
  • Twitter: @itsyoung_world
  • Facebook: Young World



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