Tips For Negotiating Salary When You’re Looking For A Job

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Negotiating pay for your first job is usually the most awkward part of the entire job-hunting process. Since you’re a graduate looking for a job, you’re going to be open to most amounts. That’s why these tips are necessary. They’ll make sure that you don’t rob yourself of money, and also make sure that your conversation with any employer about salary goes smoothly.

You Don’t Have To Rush Into A Salary Conversation

Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

During your job search, it’s usually a good idea to let the employer bring up the salary conversation. If they don’t, then you have to bring it up to avoid getting a job and not even knowing how much it pays until you start. The best time to bring up pay is when the employer has told you that they want you for the role. You can just ask how much you should expect to earn in the role.

You Should Know Possible Salaries For A Role Before You Interview

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Before you show up to a job interview you should already know possible salaries for the position. If you don’t have an idea you won’t be able to negotiate properly because you won’t know if you’re asking for too much or too little. Do your research beforehand. Ask people you know who work in similar or related fields and get some rough figures.

Don’t Be Too Forward When You’re Giving Your Salary Expectations

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Finally, when the salary conversation actually does come up, you can’t be too straightforward. If you’re asked, try to learn what figure the employer is willing to pay first. Ask what you can expect to earn in the role. If they insist on hearing what figure you have in mind, give a range rather than being specific. That way you’re not easily robbing yourself of money and you’re not directly asking for too much either.



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