3 Ways To Land An Internship If You Don’t Have Connections

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Internships are a good idea when you’re in school because they give you experience early, and they allow employers who want to hire you after school to see that you’re at least a little capable. Once you’ve decided that you want to do one, it takes some effort to get an internship.

Find Internship Postings And Send An Application

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If you don’t have a family member or someone else connecting you to an opportunity, you can still find some internships on your own. Most of the popular job boards on the internet like JobTube Ghana usually post internship opportunities as well. All you need to apply is a well-written CV and a cover letter where you talk about your interest in the role.

Send Emails Out To Companies You’re Interested In Interning At

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If you’re not looking for just any internship, but instead have your sights set on some particular companies here’s what you can do to get your foot through the door. You can establish contact with a company you’re interested in by reaching out. Usually, if you check the company website, you’ll find that they have a careers section or they’ll have a recruitment/human resources email on their homepage. You can send an email and express your interest in an internship or check the careers page regularly for new internship opportunities.

Connect Through LinkedIn

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Finally, you can find internship opportunities by using LinkedIn. If you have an impressive profile, it shouldn’t be too hard to connect to people in fields that you’re interested in. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, here’s a guide that has everything you need to get started on LinkedIn.

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