How Ghanaian Superheroes In Scrubs Took Over Twitter

Photo credit: Zuriel @boy_zuzu/Twitter

Superheroes do not only live in a Marvel or DC comics universe. They are real and they walk among us every passing day.

They also come in all forms including those we turn to when our body is at the lowest and our survival depends on much-needed attention to bounceback.

Health care professionals have been holding us down for a long time and especially so in these past couple of years when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

They have been amazing and it was only fitting that they took over the Twitter timeline in an amazing and celebratory way.

These health care professionals in scrubs have proven that not all heroes wear capes.

This is a superman moment.

Nope… not for you.

…and we love it.

Yes sir.

Ours too.

How dare Twitter.

Thank you.

It works for us.

Thank you to every healthcare professional for all you do for us.


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