5 Websites With The Best Deals For Your Student Budget

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When you’re a student finding the right deals is all the more important. If you don’t watch your spending, even for a minute, you might end up being broke. That’s why when you have to do any shopping it’s important to find the best products for your pockets. That’s where we come in; these are 5 of the best websites for finding deals when you have to do any shopping.


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Tonaton is the marketplace for everyone. If you’re not looking to buy new, you can always find great deals for pre-owned items on Tonaton. You can even sell your own items. You have to be careful when you’re using Tonaton though because there are also people running scams on the website. It’s usually best to buy from verified sellers.


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Superprice is a general-purpose store with great prices on its items. The items on the website are all new and have ‘new item prices’ but they tend to be more reasonably priced than other places that you might look.


Jumia is the website you go to to buy things that you weren’t even aware that you needed. If you’re looking for an obscure item that you have trouble finding in Ghanaian markets, chances are that you’ll find it on Jumia. Most items you order should be delivered within a week, and some even within 2 to 3 days.


Image Frankotrading.com

If you’re looking for a new laptop, or a phone, Frankotrading is definitely one of the places you should check. The prices for new electronics on Frankotrading are usually reasonable and easy to wrap your head around.


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Although the delivery and get of your product isn’t always as smooth as you’d like, Kikuu is one of the best places to new clothes and accessories. Instead of the usual generic or overpriced items that you would get on other websites, you can get clothes that you would actually like for reasonable prices. If you’re a girl, you can even get hair on Kikuu.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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