5 Things You’d Hate Now As An Adult Friend

When you are young, having friends and hanging out with them, is the cool and fun thing to do. No one ever tells you that you will want these things to change. You see your mom or dad with just a few friends and hardly ever hanging out and you never think it will be you. Here are 5 things you’d hate now as an adult with friends.

1. Being Bridesmaids/Groomsmen at Weddings.

Gone are the days when wedding meant free food, free drinks and having a good time. Now in addition to all that, if you are related or close friends with the couple, you have added expenses to your already small income. No, we are not referring to gifts. Have you seen the recent bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen glam? Think of all your close friends getting married and take a look at your account balance.

2. Gift Giving/Receiving.

Why does everyone pretend to love getting gifts from people? Receiving gifts comes with a silent responsibility, because now you are indebted to the person in a way and must return the favour. Yes, most people give without expecting anything back, but as a decent human being, you’d want to return the favour because it’s nice. Imagine adding that to your “miscellaneous” budget. How far your income now?

3. Unscheduled Hangouts.

This is going to be you every time you can’t say no to your friends and decide to spend your last coins to hang out with them, just because you cannot come and go and kill yourself. We are in this world for a short time, enjoyment should be your friend.

4. Friends Who Borrow And Forget to Pay.

It is always awkward because how do you text this guy to give you your money without ruining your friendship? Can you endure this hunger or will you die all because you can’t ask for your money? If you send a text will you be doing too much? Has he really forgotten or is he trying to outsmart you? Did he get the hint when you commented on his status? Is he at Bloombar right now?With your money? This life no balance.

5. Unexpected Visits.

You really just wanted to clean your house, take your bath and sleep this Saturday. Unfortunately, you get a text from your friend, who is currently going through a hard time, asking if you are home because they are almost at your house. Now do you lie and say you are out or do you prepare to receive him/her like the good friend you are.

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