3 Very Weird Excuses Ghanaian Women Will Use To Break Up With You

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Sometimes you’re with someone for a while and then they just get tired of the relationship. These are some of the ways that Ghanaian women will break up with you that will just make you go ‘Herhhh’ whenever you remember the breakup. At least you can take heart that you’re not the only one that these things have happened to.

Her Pastor Told Her To Break Up With You

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Yes, Ghana is a very spiritual country, but you always know something weird is up when the Ghanaian woman you’re seeing tells you that you’re breaking up because her pastor told her to stop seeing you.

Her Friends Don’t Like You

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There’s no doubt that your relationship is going to be happier when your friend groups like each other, but a Ghanaian woman will end things if her friends feel a certain way about you. That’s just one of the most painful ways to get dumped.

No Excuse At All. She’ll Just Ghost

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Ah, the old classic: ghosting. The least stressful way to break up with someone but also the most stressful way to get broken up with. Usually, when this happens, you’re going to be in denial for a while and then it will hurt for a while, but it gets better.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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