3 Mobile Apps That Are Guaranteed To Make You Productive During Your First Job

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,,When you’ve just started working, things can be overwhelming, especially if your job is a busy one. Staying productive is hard when you can’t even keep track of the tasks that have been assigned to you, or you can’t seem to maintain your focus. Luckily, there are some apps that can help you get your productivity up, and you can get them for free.

Minimalist Pomodoro Timer – Goodtime Productivity

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We wrote about the Pomodoro technique and you can read about it. This timer app for both Android and IOs is based on the Pomodoro technique. Whenever you have to do some work, it sets a timer for 25 minutes. During those 25 minutes the idea is to focus on your work, and then after that, you get a 5-minute break. The app also records what you’re spending your time on so that you have detailed weekly and monthly statistics.


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Evernote is a great app if your job involves a lot of different aspects. You can take your notes in this app (and have access to them on other devices). Evernote supports different types of notes and it even allows you to make simple to-do lists, save images/web pages in notes and more.

App Block

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If you realize that you’re spending too much time scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram timeline then this app is definitely one that you need. App Block allows you to set a daily limit for all the apps on your phone. Once you hit that limit the apps won’t open, and at that point you’re going to have to focus on your actual work.

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