7 Social Taboos You Need To Know If You’re New To Adulthood

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When you graduate from university and are officially recognized as an adult there are some social expectations for you. Think of it as an ‘adult code.’ These are the things that you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end, so it’s only natural that you don’t do them to other people as well. These are the 10 social rules that you should know if you’re new to adulthood.

Don’t Call Someone More Than Twice Continuosly

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If you call someone twice and they don’t answer, it’s safe to assume that they’re away from their phone or unavailable. You don’t keep calling until they pick up. You can send a follow-up message, or just wait for them to return your call.

Return Money That You’ve Borrowed

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When you borrow money from people you usually also tell them when you’re going to pay them back. When it’s time and you don’t have the money, the least that you can do is let them know. Also, definitely don’t assume a debt is forgiven just because they haven’t brought it up.

Don’t Order The Most Expensive Dish On The Menu When Someone Invites You Out

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When someone is giving you a literal ‘free lunch.’ the last thing you want to do is take advantage. When you’re not sure of their budget watch what they order and get something in the same range.

Don’t Talk About People’s Weight

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Always assume that conversations about a person’s weight are unwelcome. It’s one of those things you can talk about if they bring it up, but ‘you’ve gotten bigger’ is no way to start a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Older generations tend to do this but now it’s your turn to break the toxic cycle.

When Someone Shows You A Photo On Their Phone Don’t Swipe

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When someone shows you a photo on their phone, assume that it’s the only one they want you to see. It’s nosy swiping to see more, and you never know what’s next. It might be something that embarrasses them.

It Offends People When They’re Talking To You And You Stare At Your Phone

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When someone is speaking directly to you and you won’t even look up from your phone at them, they’re going to find it rude and they’ll likely be offended for a while.

Mind Your Business

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Finally, this tip is going to help you avoid a lot of trouble in your adult life. Just mind your business. If things don’t involve you directly then it’s best to just avoid getting involved.

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