4 Tips To Help You With Personal Statements Post-graduate Applications After Graduation

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After graduation, the next step for some is travelling into the world and continuing their education. It makes sense because having a degree from an international organization opens you up to all kinds of opportunities when you come back. When it’s time for school applications, one thing you’ll realize that most schools require is some form of a personal statement. These are tips that are going to help you create a good one.

Read The Instructions

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Although you’ll be asked to write a personal statement most of the time, prompts from different schools end up being slightly different from each other. Make sure you’re not copying and pasting your essay and that your submission is always tailored to address the prompt.

You Don’t Have To Write It All At Once

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When you have essays to write for your applications, it’s a good idea to start as quickly as possible. You would be surprised how exhausting it can be sitting for hours at a time writing an essay to sell yourself to people that you’ve never met. If you start early enough you can write your essay slowly and make sure that you’re motivated every time that you sit behind your laptop.

Show Your Drafts To As Many People As You Can

Once you have a draft of your essay, you have to show it to as many people as possible. When you’ve spent a lot of time working on something, even the obvious flaws become easy to miss. When you show your essay to different people you can get multiple different points of view to help when it’s finally time to edit.

Don’t Read It After You’ve Sent It

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The final tip is for after you’ve sent your essay. When you’re applying to schools sometimes it takes a while to hear back. During that period of silence, it’s very tempting to go back to your essay to go and read it again. Don’t do it because you’ll definitely end up thinking that your essay isn’t as good as you originally thought it was when you sent it.

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