3 Problems That You’ll Run Into Keeping Up With Friends After Graduation

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Of all the changes after graduation, one of the most painful ones is losing people that you were really good friends with during your stay in school. None of us want to lose our friendships so we’ll try to hold on to them, but these are some of the things that make it so difficult to keep your friends after graduation.

It’s Difficult To Even Be In Same Physical Location

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When you’re school, your friends always know what’s going on in your life because you spend so much time together in each other’s spaces. After school, when you’ve all moved back home if you don’t live close enough to each other there are almost no opportunities to meet up unless you make plans. That can also be difficult when you’re unemployed and can’t afford to go out or working a new job and are stressed.

You Make Plans But Not Everyone Is Able To Show Up

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If you have a friend group that got you through university, then you should definitely prepare for the group to get smaller after graduation. It’s going to be difficult to coordinate and make plans if you’re all working full time jobs and even when you do make plans, some people aren’t able to make it in the end.

Friendships Between People Who Are Employed And People Who Aren’t Is Hard

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Friendships between mates when one of them is employed and one of them isn’t are hard. It’s difficult to have conversations because one of the friends won’t want to talk about their unemployment and how it’s affecting them when the other seems to be excited and moving their career. Employed friends also won’t want to rub the exciting parts of their jobs in their friends faces. This can lead to a rift in the friendship.

Yes, it’s difficult to maintain friendships after university and you’re likely not going to be able to keep all your friendships. However, for those that you want to hold on to, it’s important to be intentional and put in the effort it’ll take to keep the friendship alive.

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