Good Times Ahead For Prospective Ghanaian Law Students

Law Students protesting. Photo credit: National Association of Law Students

For a number of years now, Ghanaian law students have been struggling with attaining legal education.

Due to the lack of facilities, some brilliant students are denied admission each year and some are even forced to either abandon their dreams of becoming a lawyer or take a lot more years than necessary to achieve that.

This year, in particular, 499 students were denied admission because the Ghana School of Law reportedly changed its admission requirement after they had written the exam.

Many believe, the 499 students were denied admission because the Ghana School of Law did not have enough space to accommodate them.

Their issue has become a matter of public concern and the with even parliament directing that the students should be admitted.

Though that has still not been resolved, there are signs that the Ghana School of Law is looking for other means to accommodate its growing student body.

It has entered into an agreement with the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) to hold classes on its campus.

Now, some of the Ghana School of Law students will be going for lectures at UPSA instead of going for lectures at the GSL premises in Makola.

As a sign of things looking better in the future, two members of Parliament, Rockson-Nelson Este Dafeamekor and Francis Xavier Sosu have kicked started work on a private member’s bill that would give accreditation to certain faculties of law in the country to run the professional law courses.

If this is done, it would make more facilities available to train more Ghanaians who want to enter the law profession.

A copy of the letter from the MPs starting the process.

Though this will require a lot of work, it is a ray of hope for a lot of Ghanaians who are currently studying undergraduate law programmes.


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