There are some things that a lot of people learn only after they’ve been looking for a job for a while and haven’t gotten many callbacks. In order to avoid sending out applications and maybe even attending some interviews and doing something that affects your chances of getting the job, here’s a list of things that job seekers do that really hurt their chances of landing a role and that you should avoid in your own job search.

Don’t Show Up Late To Interviews

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Showing up late to an interview doesn’t look great for you and it makes a bad impression. That aside, if you show up late and don’t apologize your interviewer is going to be irritated. From that point on it’s just going to be hard to have a good interview.

Don’t Leave Out Any Contact Details On Your CV

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Imagine missing a job opportunity because the HR Officer couldn’t get in touch with you to schedule an interview. If you use multiple sim cards, make sure that the number you put on your CV is always active. You should also always check to make sure that you’re sending out the most recent version of your CV with up-to-date contact info.

Your CV Should Have A Maximum Of 2 Pages

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Before we’re on the job market, most of us think having a longer CV is better than having a short but that’s not the case. HR people go through lots of different CVs when they’re trying to fill a role. If your CV is longer, you’re actually hurting your chances of it being looked at.

Don’t Come 3 Hours Early To An Interview

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It’s important to be punctual when you’re going to a job interview but when you show up too early it’s also problematic. The HR manager or whoever is hiring has to keep checking to make sure that you’re comfortable for the three hours before your interview starts. If you get to an interview too, you can find somewhere close by to wait until it’s almost time.



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