4 Places To Find Jobs After Graduation Other Than Looking Online

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When you’ve just graduated your job search shouldn’t just be going online and applying for what’s available. Most of the jobs that might want may not show up on online job boards, and those are definitely not the only place available to you when you’re looking for a job after school. Expand your pool of job options by also looking for jobs in these places:

Use Newspapers To Get Information On Government Jobs

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None of us read newspapers anymore and that’s okay, but after school, there are some jobs that you’re only going to see in newspapers. A lot of government institutions advertise jobs in newspapers but hardly ever online. That means if you’re not checking newspapers opportunities that you might want are going to pass you by.

Job Fairs

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Throughout the year different organizations hold job fairs that are aimed at giving graduates skills and teaching them how to navigate the job market. One of the institutions that organize job fairs regularly is the Ghanaian-German Centre and you can check their page here to learn about any new fairs.

The Youth Employment Agency

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The Youth Employment Agency was set up by the government in 2015 to empower youth to contribute to the development of the country. There is a lot of support that you can get from the agency as a graduate. Just click here to visit their website and get started. You’ll be able to find scholarships, chat with a career advisor, take employability courses, find job mentorships and you can even find open positions under the websites ‘Job Center’ tab.

Check The Company Websites Of Places That You Want To Work

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Another thing that can be helpful in your job search is to actively search the websites of companies where you want to work. A lot of companies have a career section on their websites. That’s where they post open job positions and how to apply for them. So, if there’s a company that you really want to work at, then you need to be on their website as frequently as possible to see what’s happening.

Source: Kuuulpeeps.com


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