27-Year-Old Teacher Shaban Salisu Leads Community To Construct Much Needed Drainage System

Shaban Salisu.

This story was written by Kofi Banks.

Leadership, they say is paramount in building and lifting a community.

For 37 years, there has been a serious drainage problem that has affected the lives of Yarewa Zongo a small community in Agona Swedru and the Holy Quran Basic School situated in the area.

The state of the drainage system has deteriorated over the decades

The entire community has suffered from this same issue. The central mosque which is situated closer has also had its own share of the drainage problem. The problem has brought about diseases that have affected the community.

The drainage system, over the years, has brought about serious problems to people around and even the teachers and students in the school.

On interaction with some of the pupils of the schools and residents, they said they always had problems during sunny days. They couldn’t sit in class or stay in their various homes because of the smell it brought and they always prayed it rained for the smell to go down.

However, several attempts to get the problem fixed failed.

But it took 27 years old Shaban Salisu, a teacher to organize the entire community to raise funds for this project that would solve this 37-year-old problem. Leaders in the community over the years played their role to solve the problem but Shaban Salisu organized the entire community members both home and abroad to help fund this project.

Community members were involved in the construction work.

On what inspired Mr Shaban Salisu to organize and work on this project, he said: “It was the biggest problem facing the community and everyone was relying on the government to fund the project which they were hesitant in funding because of the cost involved.”

The people in the community were also sceptical that the amount involved was too much hence the Community cannot undertake such a capital intensive project.

Community members donated money and building materials.

However, he convinced them that there’s always a first time and for that reason, they must prove to the government that “we can do with or without their support.”

The vision came to life.

Indeed, leaders they say are born and no matter how old they are can bring massive changes to their communities. It’s heartwarming to see young guys making a change in their communities and changing the status quo.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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