#NoNutNovember: The Ultimate November Challenge Begins Now

Today is the first day of November and the men on the timeline are already in the mood to take on the social media challenge of the month.

No Nut November is a month-long social media challenge that started more than a decade ago aimed at encouraging men to abstain from any sexual activities or having an orgasm.

The social media challenge was initially intended to create humour online, however, certain groups of people have taken it seriously.

No Nut November is associated with the NoFap community on Reddit, which encourages its members not to masturbate. The Reddit community /r/NoNutNovember grew from 16,500 subscribers in November 2018 to 52,000 subscribers as of November 2019 and to 85,300 in November 2020.

It’s November 2020 and people have already started reminding people that it’s that time of the year for No Nut November.

Abide by the rules and you shall be fine.

They should be lucky to be alive to even ask the question.

Good luck boys.

Good luck!


Whatever works for you.

Hugs, everyone….

Squid Game had to represent.

All the best with No Nut November.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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