4 Very Uncomfortable Questions Ghanaians Will Ask You After Your Graduation Without Thinking Twice

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It’s no secret that Ghanaians can be overly-familiar. People who are friends with your parents or that you’ve met once in a social setting will ask you different probing questions now that you’re done with school. Some of the questions that you’ll get asked, you’ll have to answer so many times that it’s best to get your answers down in advance. Here is a couple of them.

What Grade Did You Get?

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If you got a first-class, there’s no way that you would get tired of answering this question. If you’re a mortal like the rest of us though, chances are that this is the last question that you want to get asked, especially by people that you’re not even close with. That won’t stop uncles, aunties and acquaintances from asking when your graduation comes up in a conversation.

Have You Found A Job Yet?

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It’s simply hilarious how you start getting asked this question about 5 minutes after graduation. It’s especially uncomfortable to answer when you don’t even know what career path that you want to go down. The answer is usually no, but if you want to dress it up a bit you can say that there are some companies that you have your eyes on.

What Can You Do With That Degree?

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If someone asks you this question, it’s easy enough to answer if you’ve done your research. The problem is the condescending way in which people ask this question sometimes after you tell them you’re doing a humanities course like Social Work. It just feels so rude.

When Are You Getting Your Masters?

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Some people finish school and immediately want to go into a Masters program. However, some of us also finish school and the last thing that we want to do is think about more school. Yet still, Ghanaians will try to put pressure on you by asking (repeatedly) when you’re finally going to start your Master’s program.

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