A University Graduate

Graduating from university is one of the more important milestones in your adult life. However, for some people documenting the whole thing by taking a few dozen pictures just seems like too much. All they want is to show up and get the ceremony over with. If you’re one of those people then here are some things that should definitely make you reconsider graduation pictures.

You Can Always Take Your Pictures Privately If That’s The Issue For You

Quavo Announces He Is Now a High School Graduate (image via Twitter/Complex)

If you’re just uncomfortable with the idea of taking pictures in public places during the graduation ceremony then you don’t have to. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get any pictures at all. You can always book a one-on-one studio session after the actual ceremony to get those timeless graduation photos. It usually shouldn’t cost you more than 150 to 200 cedis to get a good/dynamic set of photos.

It’s A Good Gift For Your Parents

Joshua Titus-Kwaku Overall Best Undergraduate Student UPSA
Joshua Titus-Kwaku Overall Best Undergraduate Student UPSA

Even if you don’t see the need there is almost no chance that your Ghanaian parents feel the same way. Graduation pictures are one of those things that get Ghanaian parents excited and the university is expensive. They had to pay for it so the least you can do is get them some pictures to show their friends.

It’s A Chance To Capture Your Last Moments With Some Of Your Friends

One advantage of the graduation ceremony is that all your friends from university are going to show up too. These are people that you might not really be able to maintain relationships with once you’re all out in the real world. Taking some pictures together doing cliche graduation poses doesn’t only end up being fun, but it also helps you capture the relationships that you had for the future.

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