5 Suspicious Things That You Should Watch Out For During Your Job Search

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It takes the lowest of the low to target youth who are unemployed in order to try and some make quick money off their naivete, but it does happen. During your job search after NSS, it’s likely that you’re going to run into some cons that are targeted at job seekers. If you’re not suspicious you might end being duped. That being said, these are some dead giveaways that a job opportunity might actually be harmful.

When You’re Asked For Money At Any Point During The Hiring Process

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If you’re applying for a job and at any point in the process you’re asked to send momo to any number for whatever reason then chances are that you’re being scammed. You might be applying for a job that does not even exist.

If You’re Sent An Invitation For An Interview By Text Message

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If you’ve sent in an application to a company it is very unlikely that you’ll get feedback by text message. If there is a need for any back and forth you’re going to be sent a mail. Although some companies will add the personal touch of a phone call, no company will send you a text message saying that you got the job.

When The Salaries And Perks Are Unrealistic

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If you see an offer that is too good to be true it might actually be too good to be true. If the salary for a job that you’re applying for seems to be too much for the role then it’s important that you speak to people to try and figure out what’s what before you send an application.

When The People On The Other End Are Reluctant To Give Out Any Company Information

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After seeing a job ad it’s normal to call the listed number to get more information before you apply. If an employer tries to make you feel like you shouldn’t be asking questions including basic ones like ‘where the company is located’ then you no one should have to tell you that you’re applying to a fake job.

When The Company Name Is Suspicious

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If the company name seems suspicious you can just look it up! If you have a bad feeling, just check any of these directories for officially registered companies in Ghana:

  • Africa Business File
  • Ghana Yello
  • Business Ghana

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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