4 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong If You’re Getting Interviews But No Job Offers After NSS

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During the period after NSS if your CV is good you’re going to be called in to interview for roles. The thing that happens to a lot of people is that they go through their interviews and then they don’t hear back at all from a company. These are four of the things that you might be doing wrong if you’re getting interviews but no job offers after NSS.

You’re Not Answering Questions Properly

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The most obvious reason that you might not be getting called back after applying to a company is that you didn’t do well enough in the interview. If you’re not sure how an interview went, you can talk to people and try and replay parts of it for them to try and learn what you might have done wrong. If you need help with your interview skills there are HR firms such as L’aine Services that provide trained professionals who can help.

You Have Unrealistic Salaray Expectations

A lot of job ads don’t list the salary that’s going to be paid for the position and usually, you’re even asked during the interview what your salary expectations are. If the amount that you mention is far above what a company is willing to pay for the position then you’re likely not to hear back. You also don’t want to mention an amount that is too low because, well, Accra is hard. A good way to get some salary information is to look online and ask people that you know in similar roles.

You’re Not Dressing Right For Your Interviews

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First impressions matter and the first impression that you’re going to make when you walk into a room for an interview is with your clothes. You need to do some research on the places that you’re interviewing at in order to find out what kind of clothes you should wear to the interview. For example, for some roles even wearing sneakers with an official shirt and trousers might be frowned upon. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to dress to interviews then this should help:

5 Things You Can Do Wrong When Dressing For An Interview

You Don’t Apply Pressure

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Most of the time in Ghana, if you interview for a job and you don’t hear back that means that you didn’t get it. This is what happens usually. Candidates don’t even get a rejection, they just don’t hear back. A good practice is to send an email to your interviewers after your interview to thank them for the interview.

Then after two weeks of not hearing back, reach out again to ask for feedback. Even if the role has been filled by someone else, you build a rapport with the company.

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