4 Annoying Things That Companies Will Do During Your Job Search After NSS And What To Do About Them

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If you’re active on Twitter then you’re probably familiar with some of the things that job seekers complain about. These are the habits of companies that either make the job search harder than it needs to be or even just show zero consideration for candidates. These are 4 of those annoying habits of companies that are looking to hire and what you can do about it when you encounter these things during your job search.

Not Hearing From Them Again After An Interview

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This annoying habit has been normalized so much when you do get a rejection call from an employer you feel relief. Normally though, if the interview doesn’t go well you’ll never hear from an employer again. What you can do on your end, is to stop waiting to hear from an employer. Instead, reach out to them and follow up on your application. Call your interviewer, or even send an email to get some feedback.

Not Calling References

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Before an interview, you might get asked for a list of your references. If you have people that you’ve asked to be on your reference list and you’re expecting them to say great things about you and help convince the place you’re applying to that they should hire you, that might not happen. That’s because sometimes companies don’t call your references at all.

Focusing Too Much On One Skill

Sometimes during the hiring process, interviewers will focus on a particular skill, and if you don’t have it then you won’t land the role. What you can do is ask your interviewer, after you’ve finished your interview, if there is anything that makes you a poor fit for the role. If it’s a skill that can be acquired through training, then you can tell them that you’re willing to learn it. At the very least, you’ll make the impression that you’re eager and proactive.

Multiple Interviews Even When A Candidate Is Not Who They Want

Some employers will let you go through multiple stages of interviews; you’ll go through stage after stage and then at the end of the day, you end up not even getting the role.

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