Get A Free CV Review Online If You’re Having Trouble Finding A Job After NSS

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During the early parts of that first year after NSS, you’re going to send out your CV to a lot of companies hoping to get an interview which would then lead to a job. Your CV is the entry point into all of that. If your CV isn’t good, you aren’t going to be able to get that job. It can be difficult looking at your own CV and knowing what exactly is wrong though. Luckily, there are services that can help with that.

Top Resume

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Top Resume is a great service for checking how good your CV is. You just upload your CV and leave your email address. Then your CV is looked through by a CV expert. After that, you will get your results in your inbox. After uploading your CV, it can take a few days before you get your results. You will get feedback on design, content, and keyword use among others.

Live Career

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Live Career gives you instant feedback on your CV. The feedback checks all the basics like whether even the file name of your CV is hurting your job chances all the way to the way your descriptions of your working experience. Live Career is a great service because you can make changes to your uploaded CV with suggested tips from the website and then redownload a new and better CV.

Although these CV review services can help you make the changes that your CV needs to help you land your first job, getting professional CV writing services can dramatically increase your chances of getting called for an interview.



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