Art Exhibition: Michael Aboya’s “Infinite Luminosity” Curated by Nish McCree

Photographer Michael Aboya’s works are being exhibited at The Mix Design Hub & The Cowrie Culture. The Exhibition is being curated by Nish McCree.

The Mix Design Hub & The Cowrie presents Michael Aboya’s Infinite Luminosity an Inaugural exhibition at The Mix, Curated by Nish McCree. The exhibition has been on since 8th October and will end this week 30th October.

In 2019, ‘Songs of Freedom’ by Ghanaian photographer Michael Aboya was voted Best Photo of the Year and wins Agora Awards 2019 photography contest, awarding the self-taught photographer the grand prize of $25,000

Michael is a 24-year-old self-taught photographer from Accra, Ghana. Born and raised in Nigeria, he moved to his father’s homeland, Ghana, when he turned 13.

Michael’s passion for arts and photography unfolded back in 2014 when he was studying software programming. When he abruptly lost his dad to cancer, he realized that life was too short to spend it doing something he didn’t enjoy and therefore decided to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. Shortly after dropping out of programming school, Michael gathered all the little savings and funds he had at the time (those were meant to pay for his school fees) and got himself his first professional camera.

“After I purchased my first camera, the next step was to join a photography school, but the fees made that impossible. So I invested a lot of time reading about photography and watching YouTube videos on how professional photographers shot and used different kinds of lighting to their advantage. I would then go out with my camera to practice by shooting anything I found interesting, and then go home and do some editing. I kept doing this over and over again until I gradually started getting good at it.”

Source: Kuulpeeps

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