6 Unbelievable Things Ghanaians Can Go To War For

Everyone knows Ghanaians are the most hospitable people on earth. Why do you think we have a whole month and an entire committee just to host tourists? We will literally choke you with our show of kindness. However, there are a few things, we might burn a few houses over if you dare to disagree with us.


Most people believe that shito is the most universal food but those people have not met Ghanaians. What food is it, just bring an egg, it is all you’ll ever need.

2. Religion.

Have you by chance heard that our President is building a cathedral? What do you guys have? Good roads? Affordable Housing? Amazing Healthcare? For what? When you have God, you have everything.

3. Pastors.

Most Ghanaian churches even refer to their pastors as “Daddy.” You see what I’m saying?? They would literally kill you if you come for their pastors.

4. Respect for Elders.

No matter what your elder is saying, you must never say they are wrong. They can tell you the sky is green and if you dare to say it’s blue, everyone around you will know you are not from a good home. You lack training.

5. Greetings.

We won’t care and will watch you pass by and miss your way about 3 times if you didn’t have the courtesy to greet us as you passed. Did they not train you?

6. Morals.

The meme just said it all.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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