6 Memes You’d Relate To As The Broke Friend


In every group of friends, there is always that one person who shouts “Ei” when there is an expense to be made. If hanging out with your friends makes you wonder why you have elite Accra friends, you are the broke friend. Here are 6 memes you’d relate to if you are the broke friend.

1. When one of your friends mentions the price of a wig she bought for her birthday, but you cannot fathom the amount so you are still in shock.

2. Your fourth hangout this month and this location is another over-priced, with zero taste, dollar priced restaurant.

3. You are constantly doing your 9-5 but you couldn’t even buy Beta Malt today, so you drank water. Your friends don’t even work, yet they are pouring Hennessy on Rolex.

4. When your friends are trying to pull you along for a trip, but your God does not wear flip-flops, so something came up and it was rescheduled.

5. Have you ever had to lie about not being hungry right after looking at the menu? Your friends would be eating Deep-Fried Tarantula and you are there drinking juice. Each second, one of them would ask you, are you sure you don’t want anything??

6. There is always that conversation where one of your rich friends will complain about being broke and how he/she is managing 2000gh. Imagine having 2000gh and saying you are broke? Managing 2000gh? Meanwhile, your account is empty and you are owing qwikloan.



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