5 Unrealistic Things That Happen In Movies


Movies are mostly supposed to be a representation of real life, although there is always an element of lie somewhere. Check out 5 unrealistic things that happen in movies.

1. Women are always dressed in heels and make up in their house.

Imagine coming home from a 9-5, what’s the first thing you yank off? Your wig isn’t it? Who wants to sit in their house, wearing uncomfortable shoes, with the entire day still on your face?

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2. Good People Win In The End.

This is the first lie we all believed as kids and so if anyone did anything to us, we would leave it to God. Once you become an adult, you realise that winning is only for people with connections and money. If you have none, and your heart is as white as snow, you will lose.

3. Rich People Fall In love With Poor People.

In your lifetime, how many times has someone in a Lambo stopped on the road to speak to you? Can Lambos even pass your area, with all those potholes? So where are you going to meet this rich person who will change your life? The places they go to and they bills they pay, you cannot even fathom it.

4. People Have Variety of Meals To Pick From.

It is only in movies, that a family’s table will have so many meals to pick from as breakfast. Meanwhile in real life, no one even sits at a dining table to eat. The question is, who is waking up to cook all those meals in your house? Your Ghanaian mother? While you are still in bed?

5. Rich People Don’t Drink Water, Only Juice.

It is always orange juice in a glass with jolly rice on the dining table. What happened to a glass of water? Since when is Water is only for poor people.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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